Beasley's Dynamic Enterprises helps college bound students pay for college through the Power of Working Together with community volunteers for over 40 years. Dr. Robert Taylor has recently appointed Sirnollia Beasley with Beasley's Dynamic Enterprises as one of their interview consultants to assist area college bound students with their college funding.

All Junior high school or older candidates are eligible. Sirnollia, who provides education oriented services for the community, specializes in strategies for solving the college dilemma.

place where the college funding started

Founded by a group of 5 families in 1980. The concept and vision began in 1975 through the personal encouragement of Russell Thayer Tutt, Sr. of the El Pomar Foundation of Colorado. With the research and support of a group of interns from Colorado College in the 1970's, Our foundation makes available valuable information about the process of college selection as well as the application and funding process. Understanding the process is the first step to a successful admission to the school of your choice.

For more than three decades we have assisted thousands of families with the process of planning and funding college through the Power of Working Together with Students, their parents, teachers and counselors and a network of community volunteers dedicated to helping students have the very best possible college experience.  This organization and our members and volunteers serve that mission.

These resources are committed in writing directly from colleges and universities that meet the education and funding needs of the selected students.  All resources committed on a first come basis through a written commitment of funding.

First step is to schedule a no obligation college funding interview with us today. All parties have to be present including the student who is planning on attending college. 

Here is what previous students have receive and you may be next.


Second step is to complete the questionnaire to prepare for our visit, Click Here and please have your student complete the questionnaire for our visit.