The Legacy Formula  

Sirnollia Beasley has been taught by the wealth what is needed in order to properly secure her family's future for many generations to come. She now has peace of mind and is blessed the be sharing these strategies with you. 

She has learned proven strategies from the wealth that enables others how to attain our financial goals. Lets go through what she was taught in the order that lead her and her family to live a comfortable life and have peace of mind. Let us discuss each step.

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Increase Cashflow

If you are a W2 employee correct your tax witholdings. Also, while working you would want to start a business to reduce your taxes. In today's society you would need these types of incomes to survive: Active, Passive and Residual. 

Debt Management

You would like to eliminate debt as much as possible. In order to create and build true wealth you must have no debt. There are different strategies available to become debt free. 

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Emergency Fund

It has been said to save 3-6 months income, but the wealthy says to save about 12 months worth because you never know what can happen.

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Proper Protection

You always want to be prepared for the unexpected. Anything can happen. You want to make sure that you are protected against loss income, family assets and your retirement. 

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Building Wealth - Investments

Our goal here is to strive to outpace inflation and reduce taxes. The money that you have freed up from your debt will go in growing your wealth. The wealth says that before you get into this arena you would want to make sure you have a solid financial foundation. Types of investments you should look into is: rental income, dividend income, capital gains and gold. 

Wealth Transfer 

Traditional estate planning strategies that distribute cash & assets after death may not be the solution for you and your heirs. Studies have shown that financial wealth does not last past the 3rd generation in 90% high net worth families. The solution is combining traditional estate planning with the advantages of early wealth transfer, cashflow insurance and perpetual trust management. 

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