CEO / Founder

Sirnollia Beasley has been in the financial service industry now for 4 years. She graduated from Oswego High School in 1998. From 1998-2000 she graduated from College of DuPage with an Associate Degree in Graphic Design. From 2000-2002 she graduated from Robert Morris college with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Graphic Design. 

She had a hard time landing a job right after college in the graphic design industry. Alot of the companies wanted her to have more experience. In the meantime from 1998 - 2006 she worked in the customer service department at various places. 


In 1998 her boyfriend at the time introduced her to Real Estate Investing. They bought a home in North Aurora and at that time the realtor told them that if they finished the basement they can make a killing off their home because there was an outlet mall going to be built down the street. Sirnollia and Shawn took the realtors advice and got over the asking price. Ever since then they purchased the real estate program from Carlton Sheets and started studying it.

In 2006 Sirnollia and her boyfriend had their second child. Due to the Real Estate Investing taking off like it did Sirnollia left her job at Crate & Barrel to be a stay at home mom for both of her boys. 

In 2007 Sirnollia and her boyfriend realized that they should have had a business, so they opened up a business called "Wilson's American Dream Investments, Inc. Before the market crashed in 2008 their company made $3.2 million dollars. However, because they were young and making the money no one took them under their wings and properly showed them how to manage their money. 

2008-2014 they realized that the economy has changed. No one was buying at that time, so Sirnollia went and got her leasing license to learn about rentals. It was in 2014 when Sirnollia was introduced to a group of Real Estate Investors who took her under their wings and showed her the ropes on how things were done. That is where she had learned about Financial Literacy, proper business ownership, credit repair, how to minimize taxes, etc.

In 2015 Sirnollia wanted to do business the right way, since she had the best instructors in place. Her job in 2015 was to enroll students to learn more about how to invest in real estate. The problem she noticed was people did not have the money to invest in real estate. They barely had $100 to their name let alone $20,000. 

She began to realize that she needed to spread the word about Financial Literacy. Sirnollia takes pride in having protected her clients from the two worst market corrections since the Great Depression, and makes it her goal to ease the financial concerns her clients face on the journey to their retirement destination. She knows how important it is to find the right blend of growth and safety that is unique to each client, and therefore focuses on two main goals: making sure clients know the importance of protecting their principal investment, and utilizing a unique three step process to plan, protect and preserve retirement assets and help clients reach their retirement destination.

Sirnollia came from humble beginnings and has a passion for serving the needs of the retired and those near retirement. Through family members she witnessed first hand the devastation that a loss of income can mean to a surviving spouse, and the difficulties associated with loss due to excessive risk, taxes and fees during retirement. She began her career in 2015 and  began to pursue her goal of helping retirees and pre-retirees protect their life savings.