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I am Deidra Pittman , the Founder and CEO of Tax Deivas Income Tax and Business Services, Inc. As a Business Tax Strategist I am passionate about women being more involved in their tax planning and tax preparation. I educate clients on why they get a refund or why they owe taxes. I want taxpayers to understand their tax return outcome and if they owe I strategize ways to either lower their tax liability or have no tax liability ,legally and ethically.  I am on a crusade to bring ethical, compliant legal tax and business services to my clients and educate the community on what to look for in a tax business.

Over 35 years of providing tax preparation for businesses as well, I saw a dire need for businesswomen to understand their business taxes, set things in motion to reduce their tax liability and to legally and compliantly run their businesses.

Tax Deivas Income Tax and Business Services Inc. a virtual ,nationwide one-stop shop! We help our clients go into business, show them how to run their business and stay out of trouble with the IRS.


I help women across the USA own and operate their own tax business, this is my proudest accomplishment .


Tax Deivas offers boutique services.


Our motto is “We work for YOU, NOT the IRS’